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  • DLL Injection and Function Hooking

    DLL Injection and Function Hooking

    For my Pandora’s Box reverse engineering project, I’m exploring methods of re-implementing the game. An interesting strategy employed by projects like OpenRCT2 (Rollercoaster Tycoon 2), re3 (GTA III, unfortunately taken down by Take-Two), and ZeldaRET (various Zelda games) involves decompiling and gradually replacing the original game’s code. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any detailed write-ups on…

  • Reverse Engineering Pandora’s Box (1)

    Reverse Engineering Pandora’s Box (1)

    One game I have quite fond memories of is Microsofts Pandora’s Box (1999), a puzzle game for PC created by the designer of Tetris. The game consists of a total of 361 puzzles of 10 different types, spread over 7 stages with increasing difficulty. Of course, being designed for Windows 95 and 98, the game…